Austin Auclair

Austin Auclair

A game, narrative, and quest designer (among many talents).



Nanjemoy* Action "shoot-em-up"
* Quests and branching narrative
* Developed in Unity and Articy Draft

His Majesty's Royal Space Navy Service Handbook

His Majesty's Royal Space Navy Service Handbook* Branching narrative
* World-building and character design
* Developed in Inform 7

My Mail Carrier is Always On the Phone

My Mail Carrier Is Always On The Phone* Created within constraints (had to be 500 words or less)
* Snappy and evocative writing
* Developed in Twine

The Gray Matter Sodality

The Gray Matter SodalityAn escape-room-by-mail puzzle subscription about the theft of Einstein's brain.* World-building through ephemera and physical objects
* Episodic narrative design
* Puzzle design


Traipse's Augmented Reality AdventuresCreating real world quests and adventures for clients.* Working with varied stakeholders
* Quest design
* Designing an on-going and live gaming platform

Writing Samples

Quest Design